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Elmo TRV-35H

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Item #:MO639669
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
35mm Slide Film-to-Video Converter

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SKU# EQ458597U

35mm Slide Film-to-Video Converter Includes power cord, but no tray. Mint condition

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Model Details

The TRV-35H converts 35mm slides to video. Each TRV converter is a complete telecine transfer system with a film transport mechanism. A Charge Coupled Device (CCD) video pickup element is combined with a special flat-field lens to produce a grainless aerial image. To make image transfers, the operator connects the TRV to TRV video and audio output jacks or directly to any projection video system or closed-circuit video system.


  • Single 1/2-inch CCD chip yields 410,000 pixels
  • Built-in color control, iris control, video and audio output
  • Video output flexibility
  • RS-232C controllable
  • Multiprojector capable
  • Power zoom, focus and iris
  • Joystick color correction
  • Detail composition
  • Built-in variable internal timer (1.5 to 30 seconds)
  • Works with universal 80 slide trays
  • Optional wireless external remote control

  • Film : 35mm slide film (2 x 2 inches mount slide)
  • Film Capacity : 80 slides
  • Film Loading : Standard circular tray
  • Slide Transport : Forward and reverse
  • Power Consumption : 80 Watts
  • Power Source : AC 120V 60Hz
  • Lens : 6.5~16.25mm, F1.8 zoom lens
  • Light Source : 24V-6W lamp
  • Zoom Range : x0.135~x0.338 (1:2.5)
  • External Control Terminal : RS-232C (Dsub-9P); Remote A terminal (DIN-8P); Remote B terminal (DIN-8P)
  • External Sync Frequency Range : (against NTSC standard) H 20ppm, SC 50ppm
  • External Sync Input : C-VIDEO VBS 1.0 V(p-p)/75 unbalanced; Sync. 0.286V 0.1V, Burst: 0.286V 0.1V
  • H-phase adjustment : Manual (0 s ~ 10 s)
  • Image Pickup Device : 1/2-inch Interline-transfer color CCD
  • Input Terminal : Ext. sync. input (BNC connector/75 unbalanced)
  • Output Signal : C-VIDEO: VBS 1.0 V(p-p)/75 unbalanced; S-VIDEO: Y 0.714 V(p-p)/75 unbalanced;C 0.286 V(p-p)/75 unbalanced
  • Output Terminal : C-VIDEO output (BNC connector/75 unbalanced); S-VIDEO output (mini-DIN 4P connector/75 unbalanced); RGB output (BNC connector/75 unbalanced); Sync. output (BNC connector/75 unbalanced)
  • Picture Element : 811(H) x 508(V) (approx. 410,000 pixels)
  • Resolution : More than 450 TV lines (Y signal with horizontal); more than 350 TV lines (vertical)
  • SC-phase Adjustment : Manual (0 ~ 10 s)
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio : More than 50dB
  • Sync System : Internal/external sync. (automatic changeover)
  • Television System : NTSC compatible
  • Height : 5.0 inches (126 mm)
  • Width : 11.2 inches (284 mm)
  • Depth : 11.5 inches (292 mm)
  • Net Weight : 14.8 lbs. (6.7 kg)
  • Shipping Weight : 19 lbs. (8.6 kg)

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