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NAGRA ares-c

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Item #:MO639480
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Model Description:
Portable audio digital recorder/editor

Model Details


The NAGRA ARES-C is a battery operated portable digital recorder-editor that offers rugged performance and outstanding reliability in the field. With traditional NAGRA ergonomics, the ARES-C features the highly visible, analog-style modulometer and illuminated LCD display along with built-in speaker. Weighing less than 3kg (6.4 lbs), the ARES-C is totally immune to shock, vibration and humidity, and performs in hostile environments with extreme temperatures.

The ARES-C can be used as a mono recorder allowing the 2 mic inputs and the line inputs to be mixed together. The microphone inputs as well as the line inputs can be individually adjusted using the 3 level adjustments on the front of the machine. In stereo operation, mixing of the line input signals with the microphone inputs is also possible, giving a phase matched stereo signal.

User friendly COPY, CUT & PASTE editing functions are available. The scrub-wheel permits precise location of edit points, and normal "JOG" features. Edited takes use no additional file storage space. Both the NAGRA ARES-C field recorder and the rack-mount NAGRA C-PP model use PC card FLASH RAM technology. This indestructible media may be recorded more than 100,000 times. The cardholder accommodates two type I/II PCMCIA cards and provides for a seamless transition from card to card while recording. Files and EDL's can be copied at high speed from one card to the other via the special copy function.

The NAGRA C-PP "2-U" rack-mount includes all the features of the ARES-C. Back in the studio, the NAGRA C-PP offers excellent sound quality, exceptional flexibility along with easy operation, and configurations for a variety of applications.

Equipped with the ISDN option, the NAGRA C-PP (and ARES-C) can be programmed to automatically receive and record any incoming file on the PCMCIA card. The recorded audio file remains first generation quality. Files can be transmitted from the ARES-C in the field directly to the studio's C-PP (or any other codec) unit via the ISDN network from anywhere on the globe. Live two-way remote communications are possible using the recorders universal mic and line inputs. The machine can also be set for automatic playback of a selected PCMCIA file every time it is called.

On-air ISDN connections can be made in G.711, G.722 and MPEG I layer II. Mixed algorithm connections such as MPEG uplink with G.722 downlinks are also possible, which reduces any time delay.

Equipped with the SMPTE / EBU Time Code option, the NAGRA C-PP (and ARES-C) will run any time code standard and can chase an incoming TC, or lock to SPDIF or video signals.

ARES-95 or ARES-NT is the appropriate software package for importing the PCMCIA flashcard audio files into an editing system or PC. The audio files can be imported as RAW files or BWF files. Original recordings and EDL's are transferred to the hard-drive of a PC at high speed in their RAW format. BWF files can also be converted to linear (PCM) for importing to linear editing systems. Software choices allow bit-rate, sample rate and mono/stereo conversion. Sample rate conversion between 16,32,44.1,48 kHz can be easily selected. Likewise, bit-rate conversion from 64kb/s up to 384kb/s is also available.

The ARES-95/NT requires a Pentium, 16M RAM minimum and will run on a desktop or laptop machine equipped with Win-95/98/NT and a PCMCIA slot. Running the ARES-95 or NT software gives instant access to the flashcard directory. A double PCMCIA slot can be installed on the PC to select either flashcard 1 or flashcard 2. Multiple files can be selected and be imported instantly. Several selected files can also be merged into a single file. Once the "READ" button is pressed import and conversion starts.




Data Storage medium PCMCIA cards, Flash RAM Type I and II (max 192MB)
Recording method Digital compression
Compression type G.711, G.722, ISO/MPEG I Layer II
A-D conversion 16-Bit Sigma-Delta
D-A conversion 16-Bit Sigma-Delta
Bit-rate 64kb/s, 128kb/s, 192kb/s
Sampling rate 16kHz, 24kHz, 32kHz, 48kHz
Mono/stereo Switchable by menu
Dimensions ARES-C 290 x 220 x 92mm (11 1/2 x 8 3/4 x 3 3/4")
Dimensions C-PP 483 x 310 x 90mm (19 x 12 x 3 1/2")
Weight ARES-C 2.9kg (6.5lbs) 4 cells included
Weight C-PP 4.7kg (10.3lbs)
Recording capacity 3.25 hours Stereo on a 192MN Flash card at 128kb/s
PCMCIA slot Double slot for type I and II
Lever meter Analog modulometer
Mic adjustment ARES-C With friction clutch
Mic adjustment C-PP Without friction clutch
Mic sensitivity 0.2mV, 1, 4mV/hPa
Dynamic Range Adjust 46dB for 0dB rec. level (manual)
30dB for 0dB rec. level (ALC)
Filters on ARES-C 'Flat','LFA','Speech'
Filters on C-PP 'Flat' only


Mic inputs 2 x 3-pin female XLRs
Mic powering +48V Phantom, "T" power Dynamic
Mic Sensitivity 0.2mV, 1mV, 4mV/hPa
Line inputs ARES-C On 15 pole connector
Line inputs C-PP 2x3 pin XLRs
Line input sensitivity 0.44V to 4.4V for 0dB recording


Line output 2 x 3-pin XLR connectors, 1.55V for 0dB
THD at 1kHz (Dyn. input) 0.1%
Dynamic range 85 dB
Frequency response 30Hz-20kHz (-3dB, EE mode)
Headphone output Stereo, with level adjustment
Tel.output ARES-C Banana 600 Ohms
Tel. freq. response 300Hz-6kHz (-3dB)
AES output 3-pin XLR(32kHz or 48kHz sampling rates)
ISDN (option) RJ45 connector
TC Option 5-pin LEMO connector
TC Sync BNC connector

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