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360 Systems MAXX-1200 HD

360 SYSTEMS / MAXX-1200 HD
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Model Description:
SDI Broadcast Play Out Server with Three Video Channels, 4TB 70 Hours of Storage, Slow Motion

Model Details

360 Systems’ New MAXX-1200 HD Serverfor Broadcast and Pro AV.
Three Video Channels•70 Hours of Storage•Slow Motion

MAXX-1200 HD Delivers More
It’s no surprise that 360 Systems’ new High Definition MAXX-1200HD follows its highly acclaimed parent, the Image Server 2000. The MAXX-1200 establishes an important new standard for quality and performance among broadcast servers—three video channels, four Terabytes of internal storage, and a great set of production tools—all in a compact, low-cost package

Three HD Channels
MAXX-1200 plays three high-definition video streams at once, while ingesting another via Ethernet. It also serves as a graphics store, with linked key-and-fill capabilities. Standard features include SDI video I/O (with frame synchronization) for recording wild sources like tape, camera or satellite feeds. Eight channels of embedded audio and two channels of +4 analog audio are provided for each video stream. For surround, audio is easily expanded to a total of 24 channels.

Better Images with JPEG 2000
JPEG-2000 has distinguished itself for near-lossless encoding of images, and almost complete freedom from visual artifacts. It sets a new level of image quality for High Definition, well-suited for production and broadcast. JPEG-2000 is a first choice for many new cameras and servers; and its easy-to-edit I-frame format is accepted by an increasing number of NLEs. The MAXX-1200 HD runs at a wide range of video rates, making it an excellent choice for production, broadcast, and even high-quality projection

Workflows for the Next Generation
MAXX-1200 HD supports file-based work-flows through its fast Gigabit Ethernet link. SDI inputs and outputs, plus analog and digital audio formats, make it a smooth fit for production, broadcast, and Pro AV. Fully compatible with leading automation, MAXX-1200 HD is ideally suited for play-to-air, caching satellite feeds, key-and-fill graphics, remote trucks, plus slow-motion for sports.

Secure Mass Storage
MAXX servers go to great lengths to protect high-value program content. The RAID-5 disk array spreads parity data across all drives, so you stay on-air—even if a drive should fail.

Four server-grade Serial-ATA drives provide high throughput for HD video, as well as the redundancy so important to broadcast. The 1-Terabyte drives are located behind the front panel for easy replacement.

Almost unlimited archival capacity is available with external storage, accessible through the Gigabit Ethernet port.

Only 360 Systems has 37 years in the industry, and more than 30,000 hard disk systems in service around the world. Experience counts.

Applications Include
• HD Storage & Play-to-Air
• Sports Slow-Motion
• Key-and-Fill playout
• Sync’d 3-channel playout
• Satellite program cache
• High-resolution displays
• Sports and entertainment
• Video Instant Replay
• Cable/Satellite head-ends
• Theme parks and attractions
• Churches and public halls


The High Definition Feature Set
MAXX 1200 HD provides a broad set of production and playout features as standard equipment. An easy-to-use GUI allows full control of each channel, using familiar VTR-type buttons. Key features include fast head and tail marking, trimming, and segmenting; simultaneous record-and-play, and slow-motion
playout in forward and reverse. With MAXX’s Remote Workstation Software, it’s easy to control every server function, from almost anywhere.
 Advanced Playlisting Included
360 Systems’ Advanced Playlisting software builds rundowns of almost any length with an on-screen window. Features include drag-and-drop editing, pause, skip, and hold; and each of MAXX’s three outputs is able to run a separate playlist. For many applications, Advanced Playlisting may be all that’s needed to get to air.

Multi-Format, 8-Channel Surround for HD.

Audio for High Definition
The MAXX-1200 provides all leading audio formats, including eight SDI-embedded channels, and two channels of +4 analog, as standard equipment. Optional modules expand audio to 8-channels for surround, AES/EBU digital audio. Gold XLR connectors make interfacing to existing equipment easy. Transparent playback of Dolby® surround formats is always assured by 360 Systems' Bit-for-Bit design®.

• Embedded audio
• AES/EBU digital audio
• Redundant power in audio modules
• Transparent to Dolby® audio

3 HD-SDI playout channels
1 HD-SDI input channel
70 hours internal program storage
Slow-motion playback, forward/reverse
Tools for playlisting, precise trimming, and segmenting
Remote workstation software
Full-featured Graphic User Interface
File import/export on Gigabit Ethernet
8 channel embedded audio
2 analog outputs per video channel
24-channel analog or digital audio (option)
3-channel HDMI output (option)
Key-and-Fill playout
Fault-tolerant RAID protection of stored program content; front drive access
The Industry Leader in price and performance

Additional Detailed Information:
It’s All About Capability With The MAXX-1200 HD

• 3 HD-SDI Outputs
• 1 HD-SDI Input
• 3 Aux. HDMI Outputs (Optional)
• 8 channels of Embedded Audio*
• 2 Channels of +4 Balanced Analog Audio*
• 8 Channels of AES/EBU Audio (option)*
• 3 VDCP/BVW/Odetics Serial Control Inputs
• 6 Programmable GPI Inputs
• 6 Programmable GPI Outputs
• 4 Terabyte RAID-5 Storage Array
• Gigabit Ethernet File Transfer
• Graphic User Interface
• Slow Motion playback, forward/reverse
• Remote Workstation Software
• Advanced Playlisting Software
• File Trimming Tools
• Diagnostic Tools
• FTP transfer Capable
• Simultaneous Key-and-Fill Playout
*per video stream.

Additional Information


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