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Event PS5

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Item #:MO500335
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Model Description:
Biamp'ed Direct Field Monitors w/ 5 1/4" Woofer

Model Details

It's about confidence. Confidence that your monitoring system is accurate. Confidence that what you're hearing from your speakers isn't being colored. Confidence that your mixes will sound the way you meant them to sound when they get played in the car, or in your living room--or in the office of a record company executive.

The new Project Studio monitors inspire that confidence, giving you the same precise, accurate sound as their respected forebears, our award-winning 20/20 series. In fact, the speakers were designed by the same engineering team who did the 20/20s--audio aces Frank Kelly and Walter Dick, who between them are responsible for over 50 years of successful speaker, crossover, and amplifier design. You may not know their names, but you certainly know their products: major hits from major companies like UREI, JBL, Gauss, and Alesis.

But enough about the engineers. Let's talk about the speakers.

Not everyone has the space for full-size direct field monitors. But everyone does have the need for speakers that provide pure, accurate, detailed sound. And that's exactly what you get with the Project Studio series: full-range, non-fatiguing monitoring in a small profile format. More importantly, PS speakers provide you with monitoring you can trust, so you know that your mixes will sound the same in the outside world as they do in your studio.

We accomplish this through the use of custom driver components, as well as amplifiers and electronic crossovers designed specially for those components. That's right, amplifiers--one for the woofer, and one for the tweeter. Giving each driver its own amplifier means the amps can be far more efficient, since each one is dedicated to a specific frequency range. The result: Increased dynamic range. Higher SPL. Greater transient response. Improved damping. Smoother phase response. Lower intermodulation distortion. Oh, yes, and great sound.

In the PS6 and PS8 models, Frank and Walter topped off each design with an asymmetrical fourth-order crossover, just like the one used in our flagship 20/20bas (they're the speakers used on projects that won Grammy awards for "Best Sounding Album"). On the PS5 model, an asymmetrical second order crossover is used. These crossovers--critical elements in any speaker design--insure that the mid- and upper-midrange frequencies will be reproduced with clarity and precision. So when you hear the vocal sounding sweet and in balance with the music, you'll know that it truly is sweet and balanced.

As we said, confidence. Confidence that what you hear is what you get. No fiddling with EQ to compensate for a speaker's deficiencies. No wondering if you have too little or too much bass. Just knowing that what you hear is real; that a mix done on a Project Studio monitor will translate accurately to other playback systems.

Additional Detailed Information:


LF Driver: Magnetically shielded mineral-filled polypropylene cone with 1" diameter high-temperature voice coil and damped rubber surround
PS5: 5-1/4"
PS6: 6-1/2"
PS8: 8"

HF Driver:
PS5: Magnetically shielded 25mm diameter ferrofluid-cooled natural silk dome neodymium
PS6, PS8: Magnetically shielded 1” diameter ferrofluid-cooled natural silk dome

Frequency Response:
PS5: 52Hz-19kHz, ±3dB, Ref. 500Hz
PS6: 45Hz-20kHz, ±3dB, Ref. 500Hz
PS8: 35Hz-20kHz, ±3dB, Ref. 500Hz

PS5: 2.6kHz, active second order
PS6: 2.6kHz, active fourth order
PS8: 2.2kHz, active fourth order

LF Amplifier Power:
70W continuous per side

HF Amplifier Power:
30W continuous per side

Balanced; XLR and 1/4"; accepts balanced or unbalanced sources

Input Sensitivity:
1.1V input produces full output with Input Level Control at maximum

RF interference, output current limiting, over temperature, turn-on transient, subsonic filter, internal fuse

Combination Power On/Clip LED

5/8" vinyl-laminated MDF

PS-5: 7 ½"W x 10 ½"H x 9"D
PS-6: 8 ¼"W x 12 ½"H x 10 ¼"D
PS-8: 10 ¼"W x 14 ¾"H x 12"D

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