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Sync Generator

Magni Signal Creator

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Item #:MO21909
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
generate signals for virtually any television form, PAL or NTSC

Model Details

Signal Creator-Multi Format Test Signal Generator for NTSC and PAL

The ability to generate signals for virtually any television format from a half-rack instrument and to change from one signal to another instantaneously, can be yours with the Signal Creator.

Live Video Proof Of Performance

SC-P Signal Creator (PAL, NTSC and 625/525 component)
SC-STD SC-P plus BB and SD options
SC-DLX configurable SC-P plus BB, SD and Z options
525 and 625-line Component Analog Video including GBR, Betacam, M-II, YPBPR
(Y CBCR) and Y/C
525 and 625-line D1 (Digital 4:2:2)
525 and 625 line D2 (Composite Digital)
Memory card storage of signals and setups
User-friendly menu displays
Options for Black Burst, including pulse outputs and separate SMPTE bars output
Sweep/Zone Pattern generator
Ten user-defined pre-sets available from front panel, including remote control of Magni's 700 series automated video signal monitors.
Creator software for user development and memory card storage of signals

Analog Outputs
Main and Component Video Outputs:
Sampling Rate 4 times subcarrier
Accuracy 10 bits, +/- 0.5 bits
Luminance Accuracy 1%

Differential Phase 0.5o
Differential Gain 0.5%
2T Response <1% overshoot
SC/H Phase 0.0 +- 5o
Bandwidth -0.1 dB at 5 MHz; -1.0 dB at 6 MHz
Output Impedance/Return Loss 75 OHM / 40 dB to 5 MHz
Delay Differential within 5 ns
Black Burst Outputs:
Timing adjustable
Amplitude Resolution 8 bits
Amplitude Accuracy 2%
Separate SMPTE Bars Output (NTSC only):
Timing follows black burst output
Amplitude Resolution 8 bits
Amplitude Accuracy 1%

Digital Outputs (Serial and Parallel)
D1 8 or 10 bits
D2 NTSC 10 bits

NTSC 3.579545 MHz +/- 10 Hz
PAL 4.43361875 MHz +/- 5 Hz
External (two provided)
Front Panel Adjustment +/- 10 Hz
Input Impedance 75 OHM loop-through
Input Return Loss >40 dB to 4.0 MHz
fsc Lock:
Frequency 3.579545 MHz +/- 20 Hz; 4.43361875 MHz +/- 20 Hz
Phase Shift +/- 1o (reference amplitude +/- 3 dB)
Over-Temperature +/- 3o
Synlock Jitter <10 ns
Burst Lock Jitter <0.2o
Pulse Outputs (Subcarrier, Composite Sync, Composite Blanking)
Amplitude 2.0 V +/- 0.2 V
Timing adjustable

Audio Tone (optional)
Frequencies (stereo) 400 Hz
1 kHz
10 kHz, or variable
Frequency Tolerance +/- 1%
Total Harmonic Distortion 0,+4,+8,+26 dBm, unbalanced, into 600 OHM
Sweep 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Digital Outputs Conform to AES bus specifications

Line Voltage Range
115 Vac 90-132 Vac
230 Vac 180-250 Vac
Line Frequency 47-63 Hz
Power Consumption 75 W, typical configuration
Operating Temperature 0o to 50oC
Storage Temperature -55o to + 7o C
Operating Altitude to 15,000 feet
Storage Altitude to 50,000 feet

Width 8.5 in. (216 mm)
Height 5.25 in. (133 mm)
Depth 16.4 in. (417 mm)
Weight 10 lbs (4.5 kg)
Circuit Board Capacity 5 Maximum

Additional Detailed Information:


Signal Creator

Updated August 31, 1998

File NameInformationDateSizeDL Time
4444.ZIP 4:4:4:4 digital signals for Signal Creator 525 and 62501/09/94118,945Not Available
4FIELDS.ZIP NTSC signal which shows the four color fields separately       *Info*03/19/916,663Not Available
5&625.ZIP NTSC and PAl .RCI File02/22/9118,065Not Available
525CC.ZIP 525 D1 Pathological Test Signals      *Info*08/25/9419,188Not Available
525D2PTH.EXE 525 D2 Pathological Test Signals      *Info*08/25/9418,092Not Available
625D1PTH.EXE 625 D1 Pathological Test Signals      *Info*08/25/9419,320Not Available
8BITD1.ZIP 8 & 10 bit D1 signals. 2*.RCI files04/02/9256,947Not Available
ALLCB.ZIP Color Bars in all analog formats08/26/9499,802Not Available
BETASP.EXE Test signals for Beta SP, NTSC, Beta and CTDM signal       *Info*10/27/93139,873Not Available
BOWTIE.TXT Bowtie calculation of frequesncies and market distances07/19/93735Not Available
BY5SIGS.ZIP Corrections to BY5NC3.SIG and .DA \CREATOR\525\BETA05/03/933,943Not Available
CHROMA.ZIP NTSC Chroms ramps that make straight lines in vecor displays02/10/945,964Not Available
CTDM.EXE CTCM.RCI, 525CC.RCI, SCEM.EXE - two sets of signals & SCEM04/28/9368,475Not Available
D1525A-D.ZIP D1 signals targetes for Dig boards A, B, C, and D01/28/9274,678Not Available
ELSINCO.EXE PAL signal sets with VITS is all composite signals     *Info*02/01/9456,591Not Available
FCCFIX.ZIP Fix for mod pulse position for FCC Composite05/15/9621,340Not Available
FIXD1.ZIP Converts Creator Ver 2.0 D1 Signal files to Ver 3.005/22/9518,560Not Available
GBR5SVHS.ZIP GBR and SVHS signals; Svhs Pulse and Bar has been corrected04/15/9451,101Not Available
GBRCROSS.ZIP Crosshatch or Convergence signal in GBR with sync on green06/03/938,192Not Available
GCR.EXE Ghost Canceling Refernce signal    *Info*01/11/9418,198Not Available
HELP-SC.TXT How to get help with Signal Creator01/21/971,919Not Available
LANG.TXT Protocal for RS232 control of the signal creator09/17/9313,634Not Available
MMTEST.ZIP Calibration signal set to autocall the Magni Monitor    *Info*01/31/9220,759Not Available
MORGAN.ZIP FCC multiburst and mod 5 step with NTSC comp and combo05/20/9211,392Not Available
NTSC.ZIP Creator software 525/60 NTSC composite signals + D2 digital05/31/9188,490Not Available
PALD2.TXT About PAL D@ in the Signal Creator: How to generate it10/15/931,341Not Available
SVHS5.ZIP S-VHS 525 signals with new Pulse adn Bar for timing test  *Info*09/23/9321,857Not Available
ULTIMATT.ZIP Test ULTIMATTE chroma keyer02/14/9429,404Not Available
UNFIXD1.ZIP Converts Creator 3.0 software sigfiles to version 2.002/06/957,038Not Available
VITS6.ZIP PAL and component 625 sets with VITS on all PAL signals  *Info*01/31/9464,028Not Available
VRTFILES.ZIP Description of .VRT files: What they are and How they are used.05/03/9315,069Not Available
ASCIIBIN.ZIP ASCII to Binary conversion and back. May be used on the SC's08/27/9116,23000:00:17
CREATOR.DOC Instructions for Installing Creator software files06/11/913,74500:00:03
DIGBRDS.ZIP Signal Creator Digital Board RCI files02/03/94139,28100:02:26
INSTALL.EXE Installation porgram for Creator Software01/13/9328,36700:00:29
MANLASCI.EXE Creator software 3.0 manal in ASCII04/28/9379,37100:01:23
MANUALWP.EXE Creator Siftware 3.0 manual in WordPerfect 5.104/28/93349,787/td>00:06:08
PROG1.EXE Creator Software group 101/26/93331,56300:05:27
PROG2.EXE Creator Software group 201/26/93132,00500:02:18
SC-CNTL.TXT Control of SC remotely using PC and Serical Port *Info*11/02/9313,63400:00:14
SC-CNTL.ZI ControlIing the SC remotely from a PC and serial interface *Info*11/02/934,98500:00:05
SIG15.EXE 525/60 signals for Creator Software.09/22/93289,150/td>00:05:04
SIGS25.EXE More 525 signals for Creator Software05/03/93328,85300:05:46
SIGS35.EXE BUF GIX for Creator 3.0 Software01/26/93162,75500:02:51
SIGS6.EXE 625/50 signals for Creator software09/22/93232,92700:04:05

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