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Betacam Portable

Sony BVW-55

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Item #:MO21832
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Model Description:
Portable Betacam SP Editing Recorder/Player with Built In LCD Monitor

Model Details

Portable editing recorder with built-in LCD monitor.The BVW-55 is a small, lightweight, rugged Betacam and Betacam SP Recorder/Player with a built-in LCD video monitor, ideal for ENG field editing.Two BVW-55s can be combined using the BKNW-225 docking kit to create a portable editing solution which can perform assemble, insert, and audio split editing.DMC editing is possible when the source player is a DNW-A25. During playback and other operations, virtual good shot marks can be recorded and read out.When two BVW-55s are connected together they can be configured to perform sequential recording from one unit to another.The BVW-55 can playback tapes recorded in 625/50 mode.The BVW-55 is equipped with a V-shoe attachment on which a BP-L60(A)/L90(A), BP-90(A), or AC adaptor can be mounted.The unit can operate approximately 80 minutes with a BP-L90 battery.For AC operation, you can connect an AC-550/550CE or AC-DN2(A) adaptor.The following input and output signals are supported: SDI video and audio, analog composite video, analog audio, and timecode.


  • Analog Betacam SP Portable Editor
  • Successor to BVW-35 / BVW-50 Portable Recorder/Players
  • Insert / Assemble editing capability with +/-0 frame accuracy
  • Can be used as editing player or recorder
  • Portable Editing Solution when two units are combined with BKNW-225 Docking Kit
  • Dock with DNW-A25 (Betacam SX) or DSR-70 (DVCAM) units form a portable multi-format editing solution
  • Provides over 30 minutes recording / playback time. The BVW-55 can be used together with existing Betacam SP or Betacam SX VTRs.
  • Can be connected to various editing VTRs or controllers
  • High resolution LCD display with wide viewing angle
  • Virtual shot marks can be recorded and stored in the BVW-55's memory. This information is retained even after the unit is turned off. Virtual shot marks can be added during playback or search.
  • The BVW-55 has a V-shoe attachment which can accommodate various batteries (i.e. BP-L60(A), BP-90(A) or an AC adapter. The unit can operate for approximately 80 minutes with a BP-L90 mounted. For AC operation, an AC-550 or ACDN2(A) can be used.
  • One BVW-55 weighs 15 lbs, 6 oz
  • Provides dual standard (NTSC/PAL) playback for viewing purposes
  • Provides simultaneous playback during record
  • Selectable video patterns and tone generator
  • Two BVW-55's can be configured to record an event which spans two cassettes automatically. When configured for "overwrite recording", the BVW-55s will continuously record the last hour of an event.
  • Can be connected to devices with the following input and output signals: SDI (video and audio), Analog composite video, Analog audio (balanced), and time code.
  • The BKNW-25 interface unit docks on the V-shoe attachment. The BKNW-25 allows the BVW-55 to control a i.LINK device with LANC control and converts i.LINK to SDI.
  • When combined with either another BVW-55, DNW-A25, or DSR-70, the following functions are supported: assemble editing, insert editing, and audio split editing. DMC editing is supported when the player VTR is a DNW-A25 or other VTR with Dynamic Tracking capability (ie BVW-75)
  • When combined with a player VTR which has Dynamic Tracking and a RS-422 interface, the BVW-55 can memorize the tape speed trajectory of the player VTR (i.e. BVW-65, BVW-75, DNW-A25).
  • Humidity: 25% - 80% (relative humidity)
  • Lock up time: Less than 0.5 sec. from standby mode
  • Power requirements: 12V DC
  • Operating temperature: +0°C to +40°C (+32°F to 104°F)
  • Storage temperature: -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)
  • Power consumption: 65W
  • Tape speed: 11.86cm/sec
  • Playback/recording time: More than 30 min. with BCT-30MA
  • Fast forward/rewind time: Approx. 4 minutes with BCT-30MA
  • Search speed SHUTTLE: STILL to approx. +/-10 times normal speed
  • JOG: Still to +/-1 times normal speed


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