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Color Corrector

DaVinci RENAISSANCE 8:8:8:

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Item #:MO20440
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
8:8:8 Color corrector

Model Details

Features may be different depending on the model and software version.
There is options available, like: DUI, Power Windows, ...

Additional Detailed Information:

daVinci continues to revolutionize the art of colour correction.

RENAISSANCE 8:8:8 is the first and only digital colour corrector to offer 8:8:8 video processing for the highest image quality available.

Even when large amounts of color correction are applied, the RENAISSANCE 8:8:8 produces an image that never sacrifices smoothness. No colour or brightness information is lost and the integrity of the original analog film source is preserved. Increased sampling rates result in sharp, crisp images free of sidebands and non-linear artifacts

Every day, leading colourists worldwide use the power of Renaissance 8:8:8 to achieve outstanding results in commercials, feature films, episodics and music videos.
With solid support from the Dynatech global network and a continuing commitment to service unsurpassed in the industry, da Vinci is truly the master of colour correction.

New control surface for the da Vinci Renaissance 8:8:8

Expanded machine control, enhanced editing functions, and refined user feedback based on the latest ethernet communications technology insures improved speed and reliability. An advanced ergonomic design preserves the traditional da Vinci layout while giving streamlined functionality to system features and maximum user comfort over periods of extended use.

The new da Vinci control panels come standard with the da Vinci Renaissance 8:8:8 and the new da Vinci lite, or can be upgraded on any system equipped with the SGI-based da Vinci User Interface.

The da Vinci User Interface

With just a glance or click of a mouse get easy to understand feedback on the status of your system and control settings, setup parameters and correction adjustments. Session configuration is quick and efficient using the da Vinci User Interface menu bars, intuitive windows, macros, and fast keys.
  • Six scaleable scene lists adding greater flexibility and ease of scene list editing and manipulation.
  • Menu bars affording fast access to system functions.
  • Intuitive windows providing a graphical representation of system controls, functions and parameters along with better feedback on scene-by-scene parameters.
  • Cut & paste of scene lists and corrections easily copy, delete or move scenes or blocks of scenes and their corrections.
  • Unlimited scene list size imposing no restrictions on the size of projects. (List size restrictions are based on the amount of memory in the system. Systems come standard with 32 MB of memory, but can be field upgraded up to 256 MB of RAM).
  • 26 temporary memories that can be named allowing for quick access of memory contents.
  • Simple session file storage and recovery increases session management and archival speed.
  • Multiple level "undo"fast recall of previous correction changes in multiple scenes.
Joyball Panel

The RENAISSANCE 8:8:8 standard Joyball Panel provides the speed ratio, balance and direct drivability of joysticks, while offering instant electronic return to prior control settings.

RENAISSANCE 8:8:8 Options

  • Power Windows
    Access colors of identical hue, luminance and chroma saturation with unprecedented precision
  • Custom Curves
    Each channel - Luminance, Red, Green and Blue - can have a totally unique and independent gamma curve in each scene
  • YSFX
    YSFX delivers high-profile MTV-style effects by enhancing luminance characteristics and creating polarity inversion
  • Enhanced I/O
    Provides 4:2:2, 4:4:4 and 8:4:4 input and output to meet the demands of today's advanced video requirements
  • TLC Editing by da Vinci
    Allows for critical 3:2 alignment and editing from the telecine to multiple serial controlled video and audio devices
  • Soft Panel
    18 controls and 6 soft switches grouped to make secondary colour correction convenient, fast and easy

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