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DDR, VDR (Video Disk Recorders)


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Item #:MO18928
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Model Description:
Uncompressed HDTV Digital Disk Recorder with Digital and Analog Video Interface and Ultra-Wide SCSI

Model Details

High Definition Multi-Standard DDR
Real-Time HDTV I/O at 1.3 Gbit/s
Up to 180+ Minutes of Record/Play Time
8/10 Bit Versions
HDTV Mode or 4×D1/D5 mode
Interface to Panasonic's AJ-PHD-500 Compression System
Partitioned and Concurrent Storage
Clip Manager and Non-Linear Play List
8 Channels AES/EBU Digital Audio
VTR Master and Slave Control
Ultra-Wide SCSI Host Interface
High Quality Analog YUV Input
SMPTE240/260M, SMPTE267M, SMPTE274M, SMPTE294M, SMPTE296M, Eureka 95, NTSC and PAL

Additional Detailed Information:


The ProntoVision is the latest addition to DVS' wide range of video disk and RAM recorders, now bringing the benefit of disk storage to facilities requiring real-time high definition video performance in non-linear and random access environments, preparing for the DTV-DVB broadcast revolution.

Real-Time 1.3 Gbit/s I/O
Record, store, recall, display, and play uncompressed HDTV 4:2:2 video sequences at studio level quality with 8 or 10 bit resolution in real-time, accomplished through ProntoVision's proprietary 1.3 Gbit/s I/O and color space conversion technology.

Multi-Standard HDTV, D5 & D1 Partitioned Storage, and Film Play-out at 24 fps
Designed as a multi-standard storage system, the ProntoVision allows simultaneous storage of HDTV, D5 and D1 program material through partitioned disk array. Software control provides operator friendly switching between HDTV, D5 and D1 material and between raster and scan formats. In D1/D5 mode ProntoVision can be used as four independent D1/D5 DDRs each with digital serial I/O, up to 4 (2×stereo) AES/EBU audio channels, and RS-422 VTR control. Two D1/D5 channels can be combined for 720×486 or 960×486 progressive at 60 frames/sec. All formats recorded at 24 frames/sec can play out with 3:2 pulldown at 30 frames/sec.

Interface to Panasonic's AJ-HDP-500 Video Recording Processor
A new interface option makes ProntoVision compatible to Panasonic's AJ-PHD-500 HDTV 1080i video recording processor, a 4:1 compression system. ProntoVision operates in D5 mode at the required 360 Mbit/s rate with 18 MHz sampling frequency. As only one disk stack out of four is used, ProntoVision can be utilized as one compressed HDTV recorder and up to three D1/D5 recorders at the same time. With four AJ-PHD-500 ProntoVision can operate as four independent compressed HDTV recorders, each with a recording time equal to the total time of uncompressed HD storage.

VTR Emulation & Random Access for Fast Editing
In edit suit applications, ProntoVision can be used as a player or a recorder, emulating and replacing the traditional VTR by offering a highly flexible RS-422 remote control master/slave protocol. Its random access to any image on the disk makes editing incredibly fast. ProntoVision is compatible with all major edit controllers using the industry-standard Sony RS-422 protocol.

Easy Fit to UNIX & Windows NT Video Workstations
Interfacing to graphics and animation workstations is a breeze with ProntoVision's included control Software for UNIX and Windows NT. In addition ProntoVision is supplied with a C library and an API for nearly unlimited integration possibilities. All functions like play, record, shuttle, slow and fast motion (from 1/30 up to 30 times normal speed) can be controlled through the RS-422 port, via command line, and the graphical user interface. The host loaded ProntoVision software supports all common graphics file formats.

Ultra-Wide SCSI now
The Ultra-Wide SCSI bus interface guaranties the highest possible image transfer rate between the ProntoVision disk array and the host. The ProntoVision is an ideal and necessary workstation interface to real-time video equipment such as VTRs, because of ProntoVision's real-time play and record I/O, capable of receiving a continuous data stream of 1.3 Gbit/s for up to one hour and providing both buffering and uncompressed storage for any workstation unable to work in real-time.

Network Emulation
The network emulation utility maps the Ultra-wide SCSI port into a TCP/IP-node of your host computer's LAN, regardless of the technology your LAN uses (Ethernet, fibre channel...). This allows you to use the host's network resources with a data transfer rate up to 40 MB/s.

is a Clip-/Data management tool with powerful non-linear A/V play-list playout assembly. Clips — parts of the video disk space — can be named and organized in a directory. Clips may overlap and can be protected against overwriting. The virtual timeline in the GUI informs the user about the status of each clip. With a few mouse clicks a frame-accurate play list can be assembled where each clip may have a different speed including stand still. Video and audio can be handled independently or together with an adjustable delay between video and audio.


Video and Audio Interfaces
Video Input

  • HD Parallel Digital, SMPTE 260M, 50-pin D-sub female
  • HD Serial , SMPTE292M, BNC (Option)
  • Serial Digital, D1/D5, BNC
  • Analog YUV, 0.7 Vpp, 3×BNC
Video Output

  • HD Parallel Digital, SMPTE 260M, 50-pin D-sub female
  • HD Serial , SMPTE292M, BNC (Option)
  • Serial Digital, D1/D5, BNC
  • Analog RGB monitoring output, 0.7 Vpp, digital color space converter YUV->RGB, 3×BNC
Reference Input

Bilevel, Trilevel or HV-TTL, software configurable, 2×BNC

Reference Output

Bilevel, Trilevel or HV-TTL, software configurable, 2×BNC

Audio Input

Up to 4×2 channels digital audio acc. to AES/EBU, 24 bit/48kHz; 4×XLR female

Audio Output

Up to 4×2 channels digital audio acc. to AES/EBU, 24 bit/48kHz; 4×XLR male

Time Code Input*

LTC (longitudinal), 1×XLR female

Time Code Output*

LTC (longitudinal), 1×XLR male

*Internal TC reference is standard

Remote ControlRS.422 In/Out, remote control for VTR or from edit controller, 9-pin D-Sub, screw lock, Sony 9 pin protocol

High-Definition Active Video
  • 1920×1035 interlaced at 60 (59.95) fields/sec
  • 1920×1035 progressive at 30 frames/sec (and 24)
  • 1920×1080 interlaced at 60 (59.95) fields/sec
  • 1920×1080 progressive at 30 frames/sec (and 24)
  • 1920×1152 interlaced at 50 fields/sec
  • 1920×1152 progressive at 25 frames/sec (and 24)

Some formats may be optional.

Host Interface
  • Ultra-Wide SCSI-2 , 40MB/s, single-ended, 68-pin HD female
  • Ethernet-TCP/IP host interface for control and data transfer
Standard TV Video Raster (CCIR601), Active Video
  • 4 channels of D1  720×486 interlaced at 60 (59.94) fields/sec
  • 4 channels of        720×486 progressive at 30 (29.97)frames/sec
  • 4 channels of D5  960×486 interlaced at 60 (59.94) fields/sec
  • 4 channels of        720×486 progressive at 30 (29.97)frames/sec
  • 2 channels of        720×486 progressive at 60 frames/sec
  • 2 channels of        960×486 progressive at 60 frames/sec
  • 4 channels of D1  720×576 interlaced at 50 fields/sec
  • 4 channels of        720×576 progressive at 25 frames/sec
  • 4 channels of D5  960×576 interlaced at 50 fields/sec
  • 4 channels of        720×576 progressive at 25 frames/sec
  • 2 channels of        720×576 progressive at 50 frames/sec
  • 2 channels of        960×576 progressive at 50 frames/sec

Some formats may be optional.

Physical DimensionsRack mount case 9HU(H)×19"(W)×495mm(D)

High-Definition Video Rasters1125/60Hz SMPTE260M, 1250/50Hz EUREKA95 (optional)

Additional Information

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