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Audio Mixer

Yamaha PM4000-48

YAMAHA / PM4000-48
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Item #:MO16166
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
48-Channel Mixing Console

Model Details


Four stereo input modules standard

More modules are optional.

Electronically balanced

XLR inputs and outputs.


Input and output transformers.

All insert In/Out points operate at +4dBu level

This is for optimum compatibility with pro equipment.

Continuously variable 50 dB Gain trim

In addition, switchable 30 dB pad let inputs handle any signal.

6-Step LED meters on each input

The LED meters on each input assist correct setup for optimum gain structure.

8 mono auxiliary mixing busses

In addition, two pair of stereo aux mixing busses that can be used as dual mono, for total of 12 auxes.

8 master mute groups

8 VCA groups

The groups have mute capability and full-length group faders.

8 primary mix busses ("groups")

The mix busses plus a stereo bus which can be "direct assigned" from inputs or from groups.

11 x 8 Mix Matrix

Extensive input-priority

It features "in-place" Cue system, plus Solo mode that mutes other channels.

Built-in fixed/variable frequency test oscillator and pink noise source.

The oscillator and pink noise source speed setup and overall system troubleshooting.

Large, dedicated stereo VU meters

Also, switchable VU meters for other busses (switching conveniently located next to operator).

Hundreds of LEDs

The LEDs indicate status, clip levels, and illuminate switches and meters-no lamps to maintain.

Extensive internal switches

In addition, jumpers to alter "default" console functions.

Lower noise than ever

It also features superb audiophile quality.

Multiple exhaust fans on rear panel

These fans keep circuitry cool for maximum longevity.

Dimmer-controlled "LittLites"

The "LittLites" are provided as standard equipment.

Redesigned chassis

This is for extraordinary strength and lighter weight.

PW4000 Power supply

The Power supply includes full-time AC line voltage digital readout and DC output monitor LEDs.

Consoles may be interconnected

Total Harmonic Distortion (Master Output)<0.1% (THD + N), 20Hz-20 kHz @ +14dBu, 600 ohm <0.01% (2nd-10th harmonics), 20 Hz -20 kHz @ +14 dBu, 600 ohm
Frequency Response (Master Output)0 + 1 dB,-3dB 20 Hz - 20 kHz @ +4 dBu, 600 ohm
Hum and Noise(48 channels, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, Rs=150 ohm, Input Gain @ Max., Pad off, sensitivity at -70 dB) -128dB Equivalent Input Noise -100 dB Residual Output Noise -85 dB (89 dB S/N) Group Out Master fader at nominal level, all channel assign switches OFF -54 dB (58 dB S/N) Group Out Master fader and one channel fader at nominal level -84 dB (88 dB S/N) Stereo Out Master fader at nominal level, all channel assign switches Off -94 dB (98 dB S/N) MTRX Out Master and Matrix mix controls at maximum level, Group to MTRX switches Off
Crosstalk-80 dB @ 1kHz, -70 dB @10 kHz, Adjacent inputs or input to output
Maximum Voltage Gain94 dB CH In to Group Out/Stereo Out (CH to ST) MTRX Out 104 dB CH In to stereo out (G to ST) 90 dB CH In to Aux Out (PRE)/ Aux ST Out (Pre,LVL) 100dB CH In to Aux Out (Post)/Aux ST Out (Post, LVL) 87 dB CH In to Aux ST Out (Pre, Pan) 84 dB CH In to CH Direct Out 104dB CH In to Monitor Out (Group to Monitor) 84dB CH In to Monitor Out (Input Cue) 94 dB ST In (ST/L/R) to Group Out 91 dB ST In (L +R) to Group Out 87dB ST In (ST/L/R) to Aux Out (Mono, Pre) 90 dB ST In (L,R) to Aux Out (mono, Pre) 90 dB ST In (ST/L/R) to Aux Out(stereo, Pre, LVL) 87 dB ST In (L+R) to Aux ST Out (stereo, PRE LVL) 87 dB ST In (ST/L/R) to Aux ST Out stereo, Pre, Bal) 84 dB ST In (L+R) to Aux ST Out (stereo, Pre, Bal) 64 dB TB In to TB Out 0dB Sub In (MTRX) to MTRX Out 10 dB Sub In (others) to Out (others) 10 dB 2TR In to Monitor out
Channel Equalization+/- 15 dB max., each of 4 bands High 1k-20 kHz (shelving/peaking, Q=0.5-3) Hi-Mid 0.4 k -8 kHz (peaking, Q=0.5-3) Lo-Mid 80 Hz- 1.6 kHz (peaking, Q=0.5-3) Low 30 Hz-600 Hz (shelving/peaking, Q=0.5-3)
Channel High Pass Filter12dB/octave roll off below 20 Hz to 400 Hz (adjustable -3 dB point)
Oscillator/ Noise GeneratorSine wave @ 100, 1k, 10 kHz (frequency sweepable at x 0.2-2.0 nominal) or pink noise; less than 1% THD at +4 dBu
CH Preamp and EQ Peak IndicatorsRed LED built into each input and stereo-in module; turns on when pre-EQ level or post-EQ level reaches 3 dB below clipping
Channel LED Meter6 LED level meter built into each monaural and stereo input module
VU Meters(0 VU= +4 dBu output) 2 large, illuminated meters; STEREO L,R 16 small illuminated meters, all switchable: Group (1-8)/ MTRX (1-8)/ Aux (1-8):Group 1/ MTRX 1/ Aux ST 1 L : Group 2/ MTRX 2/ Aux ST1R; Group 3/ MTRX 3/ Aux ST2L; Group 4/ MTRX 4/ AUX ST2R; Group 5/ MTRX5/ Monitor A L (pre); Group 6/ MTRX 6/ Monitor A R (pre); Group 7/ MTRX 7/ TB6; Group 8/ MTRX 8/ OSC
VU Meter Peak IndicatorsLED (red) built into each VU meter, the LED turns on when the pre-line amp level is 3 dB below clipping
Phantom Power+48 V dc available at balanced inputs
Dimensions (W x H x D), Weight2086 x 346 x 1121 mm (82-1/8" x 13-5/8" x 44-1/8") 183 kg (403.5 lbs)

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