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FLIR 2000F

FLIR / 2000F
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Model Description:
Infrared Camera, resolution of 525 lines per frame

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Infrared Camera, resolution of 525 lines per frame

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Model Details

The FLIR Systems 2000F infrared camera has a thermal resolution of 1/10th°F, and a pictorial resolution of 525 lines per frame (560 CCIR) with 352 elements per line (428 CCIR). It utilizes a Mercury, Cadmium, Telluride, (HgCdTe) 2x4 TDI detector array, with an IR spectral bandwidth of 8-12 microns. It renders an image of an object's thermal emissions in shades of black to white, with white representing the hottest portion of the image. The data is then recorded on S-VHS data disctape for later processing. The thermographer inside the cabin remotely controls the camera, mounted externally on the helicopter. All system operational controls are adjusted with the hand-held system controller. It contains output signal gain and level, and cage, which returns the camera to a pre-selected azimuth and elevation. LCRS rate stabilization, assisting the thermographer in manual target tracking by dampening the effects of aircraft motion, Field-of-regard (azimuth +120° to -120° and elevation +30° to -180°), Field-of-view (wide [1X] 28° x 15° and narrow [4X] 7° x 3.75°), image polarity, focus, and system power, are also remotely controlled.

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