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Production Switcher

Sony BVS-3100

SONY / BVS-3100
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Item #:MO11280
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
Analog Composite Video Switcher

Model Details

8 Video inputs plus black and color background, 18 wipe patterns (including 8 matrix wipes), 1.0 mix effect (M/E), 1 linear M/E keyer plus linear downstream keyer, component chroma keyer accepts RGB or Y/R-Y/B-Y, Sony RS-422 editor interface, DME-450 and DFS-500 interface, internal sync generator with 4 black burst outputs, borderline, outline and drop shadow modifiers.


  • 8-Input Composite Video Switcher
  • Component/RGB Chroma Keyer
  • 1 Key Processor
  • 8-bit Linear Keying
  • Matrix and Conventional Wipe Patterns
  • RS-422 Control from BVE, PVE Edit Controllers
  • Standard Black Burst Outputs
  • Chromakeyer is equipped as standard. Either RGB or Betacam format signal can be selected as a chromakey.
  • Each M/E keyer has access to two external key sources and fills in addition to the inputs on the key bus. A wipe pattern can be used as key source and an independent matte generator is equipped with each M/E keyer as a key fill.
  • Performs high quality linear keying for anti-aliased text.
  • Accepts a mix of RGB and Betacam format signals or operates entirely with composite inputs.
  • One composite preview output and two composite and two component program outputs.
  • Communicates with BVE-2000/910, BVE-9100/9000 and PVE-500 edit controllers.
  • Operating Temperature: O to 40oC (32 to 104oF)
  • Storage Temperature: -20oC to 60o C (-4 to 140o F)
  • Signal: Program: 1Vp-p Composite Preview: 1 Vp-p CompositeKey 1 Bus: 1 Vp-p Composite Black burst/Aux B.B.: standard level
  • Return loss (15kHz to 5MHz):: Primary: 40dBExt Key, Ext DSK and Chroma Key: 34 dBExt Ref: 40dB, Mask: 34dB
  • DC on blanking level: Program: 50mVPreview, Key 1 Bus, Black Burst/Aux B.B.: 100mV
  • Return loss (15kHz to 5MHz): Program, Preview, Key 1 Bus, Black Burst/Aux B.B.: 34dB
  • Isolation (15kHz to 5MHz): Program: 34dB
  • Short time waveform distortion: Primary/Key Fills: 0.5%, DSK Fills: 0.5%
  • Long time waveform distortion: Primary/Key Fills: 0.5%, DSK Fills: 0.5%
  • Field time wavefrom distortion: Primary/Key Fills: 0.5%, DSK Fills: 0.5%
  • K factor 2T pulse: Primary/Key Fills: 0.5% KP, DSK Fills: 1.0%KP
  • Pulse to bar ratio 2T: Primary/Key Fills: 0.5% KPB, DSK Fills: 0.5% KPB
  • 300kHz to 5.5MHz: Primary/Key Fills: 0.1dB, DSK fills 0.2dB
  • 5.5MHz to 8.0 MHz:: Primary/Key Fills: +0.1/-1.0dB, DSK fills: +0.2/-2.0dB
  • 8.0MHz to 20.0 MHz: Primary/Key Fills, DSK Fills: Smooth roll-off
  • DP (10 to 90% APL): Primary/Key Fills, DSK Fills: 0.5o
  • DG(10 to 90% APL): Primary/Key Fills, DSK Fills: 0.5%
  • Y Linearity: Primary/Key Fills, DSK Fills: 0.5%
  • Y/C inequalities: Primary/Key Fills, DSK Fills: 10nsec, 0.1dB
  • S/N ratio (unweighted): Primary/Key Fills, DSK Fills: 65dB(Y:60dB, C:54dB)
  • Crosstalk (DCto 4.43MHz): Primary/Key fills: 54dB (Y:-54dB, C:-46dB)
  • Path length deviation: Primary/Key Fills, DSK Fills: 1.5o/fsc
  • Gain deviation: Primary/Key fills: 1.0%, DSK fills: 3.0%
  • Gen-lock range: Primary/Key Fills, DSK Fills: Standard level 6dB, fsc 100Hz
  • Subcarrier stability: Primary/Key Fills, DSK Fills: fsc 10Hz
  • Inputs: primary: 0nS Ext Key Source: 0 50nSExt Key Fill: +3 5nSDSK Ext Key: +20 50nSDSK Ext Fill: +160 15nSChroma Key: -1.1S to -50nS Adj.Ext Ref: 1S Adj.
  • Outputs:: Program: +21510nSPreview: +21310nSKey 1 bus: +30 5nSBlack Burst: +12010nS
  • Tally: D-sub 25-pin, 8channels for Primary inputs/Ext Key/DSK (programmable), 200mA, 24V
  • GPI: D-sub 15-pin, Auto transition/FTB/DSK Mix/Select, Low :Active
  • Editor: D-sub 9-pin, RS-422
  • DFS-500/300, DME-450, DCK-500: D-sub 9-pin, RS-422
  • Control Panel: D-sub 25-pin, RS-422
  • Power requirements: AC 100 to 240V 10%, 50/60Hz 10%
  • Power consumption: 190W
  • Signal: Primary, Ext Key and Ext DSK: 1Vp-p Composite Chroma key: Component (RGB, Y/R-Y/B-Y). Ext Ref :Composite (Black burst). Mask: 1 Vp-p.
  • Signal: Program: 1Vp-p Composite Preview: 1 Vp-p CompositeKey 1 Bus: 1 Vp-p Composite Black burst/Aux B.B.: standard level

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